Deployment & Support

When a medical institution picks MedicalOne as the enterprise resource management solution of choice, one of the first decisions they make pertains to the method of delivery preferred for the enterprise. There are two options they can pick from:

MedicalOne OnPremise
Usually a function of size, this method of deployment is highly recommended for medical institutions which prefer to procure their own infrastructure (hardware) on which to host the MedicalOne solution. The solution is set up on that infrastructure, and data and transactions are executed and stored on the institution’s servers. Comprehensive support, conducted on site, is offered as and when needed at no extra cost.

MedicalOne OnDemand
When medical practices opt for the OnDemand option, DBS provides high performance and highly secure infrastructure from where MedicalOne solution is hosted and run. All the institution needs is an internet connection, through which they connect to their specialised solution – from anywhere, and at any time. Because the data and transactions are stored on DBS’ secure and reliable servers, this allows medical practices to enjoy the business benefits of using MedicalOne at the fraction of the cost of the OnPremise model. Connection to the MedicalOne OnDemand is on a subscription basis with access to 24hr support.

In delivering this business platform that supports the growth of medical practices and increases business intelligence, DBS provides a team of certified and experienced consultants before, during and after installation. As your business solutions provider, DBS delivers implementations with complete service capabilities.

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